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Jay is from China, and moved to U.S in 2009. He is an hard working illustration student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and always focuses on the current step and do the best he possibly can. He believes that design and illustration is another language and a form of narration.

Jay is a fast learner, and mostly have acquired art education through self-teaching and actual practices before joined in MCAD. His work, influenced by Chinese culture, focuese strongly on narrative and concept. He is committed to combine various elements to present the beauty between unreality and reality. He call the beauty between reality and unreality a dream. The dream beauty lies in that it brings us from the real world to a wonderful and special space. All impossibilities in reality can be achieved. As an artist, He try to capture these dreams and make people aware of these beauties around us.

Available for hire & freelance.



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click me to check out my Linkedin profile